Pelvic Taboo

Pelvic Floor related wellness is something that no one would have ever realized is even a career path - I know, strange. I work with women who have had all sorts of crazed information thrown their way. From the gynecologist who has told his patient that she has a "fiery, angry vagina" to the male urologist who referred my patient to a plastic surgeon because "no one will ever find THAT vagina attractive", my job is to clean up your mess. You're welcome.

Women have, through out history, always been degraded, less than and there to "please" our male counterpart. When it comes to our pelvic energy and our sacral + root chakras - we're energetically a MESS, unstable, insecure and forever not enough. But, when it comes to the medical field we have less than ideal options to turn to when it comes to our pelvic muscles, the confusion of why are we getting constipated all the time or worse - childbirth and a "baby belly" that everyone tells you there's nothing you can do about (until recently with NPR's article on diastasic recti getting fixed with one exercise 10 minutes a day which will be a whole other blog post). But, our pelvic muscles are important integrative part to our health and wellness, resolving prolapse, incontinence as well as low back pain.

Women's Pelvic Wellness - How can WE help?

Women's Pelvic Wellness - How can WE help?

Energetically, even just reading these words, we FEEL the mess that the outside world has given us and we've stored in our sacral centers. When we are told that our vaginas are not enough and when our beautiful and magnificent body part that makes us a woman is turned in to a slanderous word for men to use to call each other LESS than ( can I say, "don't be a pussy" ) it stores there and it manifests as pain, discomfort, urinary issues, constipation, pelvic prolapse and even more so self doubt and PAIN. 

So then fast forward to how I spend my day - I am a pelvic floor physical therapist. I work with women (and men) who have pelvic pain, discomfort with their pelvic centers, prolapse, diastasic recti and so much more. I spend my day talking about bowel movements, pelvic pain, vaginas, and tailbone pain. I talk more about childbirth than anyone else I know who's never had a baby... and it makes people uncomfortable.

This blog post is a call to action - talk to your girl friends, male friends and medical practitioners about what you need help with. Know that urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and prolapse are a common condition but they are NOT normal. Let's get you help. Let's break the taboo. And visualize the world where women get the medical help they need - with integral care for one another.

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It's Been A While + What Inspires You?


I don't know about you, but often I find myself looking for the next hook to get inspired.

Courses, Classes, Conversation, Books, Music, People... But, what is it that inspires us?

Over the last couple weeks, I had some serious things occur in my life that changed how I wanted to walk in the world. I took time away... matter of fact, I ran away from "real life" and frolicked in the ocean, the forests and the cool breeze of the mountains. And in all of this - I felt, solid ( ? )

The things that I would have considered to be amazing, enticing and deep were grounding and opening but less inspiring than I had thought. Then it occurred to me, THE UNIVERSE ONLY GIVES YOU WHAT YOU NEED. For the months of June and the beginning of July of this year, I was not in a place where I needed to be doing anything but grounding down and resting. Which is exactly what I did. I took time off, I explored, I mourned and cried. But, most importantly I rested. Uninspired isn't the right word to use but not looking to excel definitely works. 

Then I came home, I left the adventure of friendships and travel behind me and I had my first week back at my normal everyday job and I was EXHAUSTED. Like hard to get out of bed, not able to focus and about going to meditate and get to yoga... not so much. But, through that coffee induced coma of my lesser self - I realized I needed a little more. 

So, I started diving in to Gabrielle Bernstein's course "Spirit Junkie Master Class", I got back in to meditating, I went to as many yoga classes as I could fit in to my day - and I slept. I had inspiring conversations with the people in my life whom I lost touch with over the years, and through all of this I grew.

As they say - the lotus grows through mud - well I feel it. The pressure that the universe places on us is forever changing and intense. I'm blessed to be able to experience it all. And now we grow - inspired and back in action.

Teacher Trainings + New Adventures

There are so many things in life that we look forward to. That give us butterflies, that we sit in anticipation getting ready for... In my life I have several of these amazing things going on. They been taking my energy, captivating my attention but they've also been giving me life and fueling myself as I work towards creating my dreams. 

First is my second 200hr yoga teacher training, with the studio that I've been blessed to call my home, Yoga Peace Kula. This is a place where the needs of others are seen, accepted and helped to rise to the challenge. I'm so excited to start the next set of hours for my self development and growth as a teacher, a student and a physical therapist. 

Second, I'm taking the leap - I'm renting a space to treat women (and men) using alternative holistic means. Coming from a PT background I've also divulged in learning the works of reiki (energy) healing, yoga, integrative nutrition on different levels - also involving health coaching. This space is one of the kindest, most open places I've ever been brought in to, Circle of Life Chiropractics (owned and operated by Dr. Stephanie Wigner). This new opening and creation of space is how I'm hoping to channel all of my loves in to one place and to nourish the work that makes my soul flourish.

Overall, I'm having a moment of gratitude that felt necessary to write about - Thank you Thank you Thank you - To those who have and continue to see and support my vision. I'll always and forever adore you.