Your Hormones + Your Connecton to the World

For women, the cyclical nature of the moon, our lives, our menstrual cycles and the world are felt and discovered daily. Our connection with the cyclical nature of planet earth and the phases of the moon are some of the most beautiful ways to observe the human body and the connection to the energy and world around us.

Unfortunately, environmental toxins, the foods we eat and the medications we are prescribed can (and often do) influence the hormones and the beautiful cyclical connection that we have been blessed with. For a variety of reasons, our hormones can get “mixed up,” which may be damaging to our health and outlook on life.

Hormones are the integral part of the human body that connects us to the world as well as the cycles within our systems.

They are responsible for detoxification, emotions, processing and storing information, the menstrual cycle, getting and staying pregnant, stress response and so much more.

The world around us is full of things to disrupt these extremely gentle internal and external systems. Through lights that can interrupt our sleep cycles, to hormones that interrupt our optimal fertility (for both men and women) and cleaning products that can cause weight gain – our world can be full of hidden dangers.

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