It's Been A While + What Inspires You?


I don't know about you, but often I find myself looking for the next hook to get inspired.

Courses, Classes, Conversation, Books, Music, People... But, what is it that inspires us?

Over the last couple weeks, I had some serious things occur in my life that changed how I wanted to walk in the world. I took time away... matter of fact, I ran away from "real life" and frolicked in the ocean, the forests and the cool breeze of the mountains. And in all of this - I felt, solid ( ? )

The things that I would have considered to be amazing, enticing and deep were grounding and opening but less inspiring than I had thought. Then it occurred to me, THE UNIVERSE ONLY GIVES YOU WHAT YOU NEED. For the months of June and the beginning of July of this year, I was not in a place where I needed to be doing anything but grounding down and resting. Which is exactly what I did. I took time off, I explored, I mourned and cried. But, most importantly I rested. Uninspired isn't the right word to use but not looking to excel definitely works. 

Then I came home, I left the adventure of friendships and travel behind me and I had my first week back at my normal everyday job and I was EXHAUSTED. Like hard to get out of bed, not able to focus and about going to meditate and get to yoga... not so much. But, through that coffee induced coma of my lesser self - I realized I needed a little more. 

So, I started diving in to Gabrielle Bernstein's course "Spirit Junkie Master Class", I got back in to meditating, I went to as many yoga classes as I could fit in to my day - and I slept. I had inspiring conversations with the people in my life whom I lost touch with over the years, and through all of this I grew.

As they say - the lotus grows through mud - well I feel it. The pressure that the universe places on us is forever changing and intense. I'm blessed to be able to experience it all. And now we grow - inspired and back in action.