Teacher Trainings + New Adventures

There are so many things in life that we look forward to. That give us butterflies, that we sit in anticipation getting ready for... In my life I have several of these amazing things going on. They been taking my energy, captivating my attention but they've also been giving me life and fueling myself as I work towards creating my dreams. 

First is my second 200hr yoga teacher training, with the studio that I've been blessed to call my home, Yoga Peace Kula. This is a place where the needs of others are seen, accepted and helped to rise to the challenge. I'm so excited to start the next set of hours for my self development and growth as a teacher, a student and a physical therapist. 

Second, I'm taking the leap - I'm renting a space to treat women (and men) using alternative holistic means. Coming from a PT background I've also divulged in learning the works of reiki (energy) healing, yoga, integrative nutrition on different levels - also involving health coaching. This space is one of the kindest, most open places I've ever been brought in to, Circle of Life Chiropractics (owned and operated by Dr. Stephanie Wigner). This new opening and creation of space is how I'm hoping to channel all of my loves in to one place and to nourish the work that makes my soul flourish.

Overall, I'm having a moment of gratitude that felt necessary to write about - Thank you Thank you Thank you - To those who have and continue to see and support my vision. I'll always and forever adore you.