What is Reiki?

As a Reiki practitioner for over a decade, I have frequently been asked how one defines the practice. The answer is, no one really knows. We do know, however, that the practice of Reiki is an empowering and beautiful one full of positive intention.

After the completion of an attunement, a Reiki practitioner is given the ability to harness, empower and work with the universal life force energy that surrounds all of us to create a harmony and balance with in the chakra systems with those around them.

Through the connection to the universal life force we can cultivate an understanding of the universal energy that flows through all of us. A Reiki practitioner uses this understanding to find “blockages” where the universal flow of life cannot properly flow. Different practitioners have different experiences of Reiki energy. For some, they feel the changes, for others they hear it and some can even see the energy around us. For me, energy comes in vision and palpable connection to that around me. Through the scanning of the body with the use of hands, pendulums and symptomatic assessment, I use my gift to detect physical ailments while discussing with a person’s spirit guides and angels the paths that truly connect them.

To me, the definition of Reiki is simple: it is the truth. This realization of truth is truly the best thing that can come to any of us.

The ability to be a conduit for the universal life force around us, the ability to see and feel the world with more zest and understanding and the chance to cultivate our connection to the energetic world. Reiki energy can be used for physical healing, spiritual connection and energetic dialog with our spiritual guides and angels. Reiki uses the chakra system, guides and our connection with a higher power to tap in to the energy of the world.

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