Yoga + You

There have been so many people lately who have asked me how did I get in to yoga. They make statements like “I couldn’t do that, I’m not flexible” or something along the lines of “but wait, don’t you have to do crazy things in class all the time?” Well, I’m here to break the news people, YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE.

So, yes, we’ve heard the cliché statement “Yoga is for everyone” but the truth is, that’s the point. Yoga is meant to help strengthen, mold and develop the body but more than that it’s meant to soothe the nervous system, breathe and open the mind to the idea of what the body is meant to be: how it can bend and blossom.


So, that doesn’t answer the question of how to start yoga? Well, the answer to the question is easier than you think.

Sit down.

Put down you cellphone/computer screen/turn off the TV.

Place one hand on your belly and another hand on your chest.

Breathe – Fill the belly with air first then all the way up to the chest and expand through the collar bones.

Exahale – Slowly.

Repeat – 5 times.


Now, this is the start of yoga. That instant relaxed feeling of the diaphragm expanding in to the gut, intestines and the parasympathetic nervous system, the feeling of everything slowing down, movement of air through the body and the disconnection from the world around you only to tune in to the body’s movement and the life force of breathe.


Well, I’m here to break the news people, YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE.

Yoga has been an adventure for me in the best way possible. I am able to explore a body that I had often run away from. I have for the first time in my existence put the work in to a physical movement pattern of my body with out any judgment of my shortcomings. Yoga teaches you that the tight muscles, weak arms and the weak core aren’t things to be ashamed of but rather they give us something to work on to head towards that connect me with the body I live in. Yoga gives me goals to achieve, places to be and a safe place to play.


So for those who are just starting out, do a youtube video of a gentle yoga flow, join an online account program or take a gentle/beginner yoga class. GET to a STUDIO – Studios are so important because when you get to practice with people who are surrounding you, providing you support and love – it makes the whole, “am I really trying to bend this way?” silly feeling go away.


Join me. Go.

If you’d like to have a private class with me I’m here.

Or come take a class with me.

But I urge you, get out there: bend, breathe and move a little.